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Small Business Accounting Services

At Small Business Works we specialise in providing Small Business Accounting services to help simplify the administrative burden placed on your business in meeting the various tax reporting requirements for small business in Australia.

Our small business accountants can help you set up your record keeping and business systems to not only meet your administrative requirements but also give you the data you need to manage your small business, after all if you are going to spend time and money reporting to the ATO you might as well get the data you need to manage your business.


Due to the fact our systems are focused on providing data to the ATO such as Tax and Bas Returns, a lot of owners tend to focus on related figures such as net profit and sales figures because these are easy to get out your existing systems (and are the figures we report to the ATO). The problem is these figures are a result of your business activity, what you need to be tracking is the numbers that actually show you how your business is performing. These are numbers like new client enquiries, close rate, average sale and gross profit margin.

By tracking these key performance indicators you can then track changes as they happen and improve the results of your business, rather than just reporting your results to the ATO at the end of the year. Our Small Business Accountants can help you set up and monitor key performance indicators that will help drive your business to the next level.

This is just one of our specialist small business accounting services, for more information call the office on1800 556 122 or contact us here.