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We love the Internet! If you have an online business (or just rely on the internet as a key driver of marketing leads) then we can help, we understand online businesses and are ideally placed to act as Accountants for Online Business in an industry where less than 1/3 of all Accounting firms even have a website it if your business is 100% online or does a lot of business online it is essential to select an Accountant that understands the Web and it's place in business.

As Small Business Accountants we work with a range of small businesses including a large number of true Internet businesses such as online marketers, e-bay businesses and online stores and understand these business types inside out, we also love the Internet and see it as a major driver of our business success as any modern business should.

We can help with your online strategy, things like:

  • EBay vs Web Store
  • CMS decisions (Joomla, Wordpress vs custom site)
  • Blogging & Link building strategies
  • PayPal vs Online Credit card gateway

We can also help with SEO we run regular free seminars on the basics of SEO and can also advise on off page optimisation, social media and other off page factors in your success. If you would like more information about our great SEO training please contact us here we believe the best way to get your website working for you and your business is to understand how search engines and websites work so you can make sure your website is achieving your business goals.

It is important to realise we are not Web Designers or Internet Marketing experts but we do have plenty of experience and can guide you towards things we have found work for us as well as highlighting some of the common pitfalls & traps for the Internet entrepreneur a range of service providers that we have personally worked with and trust.

We use and understand a range of tools such as facebook, social bookmarking tools, twitter and we are building our collection of youtube videos. Please if you have an online business do yourself a favour and talk to us about your accounting and business advice needs. Call the office on 1800 556 122 or contact our Accountants here.