Accountants for Cafes

Accounting Services for Cafe Owners and Businesses

Anyone who has ever sweated behind a bar as the thirsty herds come piling in, or felt the steam of a coffee machine float up their nose while impatient business men wait eagerly for their morning soy decaf latte with 2, will be able to tell you that hospitality is a world of its own.

The different hours, different rules and altogether different life style that hospitality workers, and particularly owner, face however doesn’t stop when you’ve tidied and packed up the furniture, or emptied the last ash tray, at the end of the night. No, the world of bookkeeping and accounting for the hospitality elite is completely different as well.

From having to deal with the right way to stock take that 40% full merlot bottle to calculating average spend per head after service. Café and bar owners face an array of difficulties that no other business owner could understand.

Fortunately, we at Small Business Works have a number of team members whose experience has stemmed from Hospitality, in particularly bars and cafes. Whether it be helping out with the bookkeeping during the busy Christmas period when you have too many other things to deal with, or helping you plan and structure the most tax effective and financially minded way to grow your business, Small Business works are here to help you take that next step forwards.

So the next time you have 2 minutes to yourself for a quick coffee and an even quicker meal, remember that our Hospitality specialists are only a phone call away. – You can contact us here Small Business Accountants or call the office on 1800 556 122.