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Business Structures

When you are in business having the right structure is very important, we advise clients both on the right structure for their new business as well as restructuring their existing business. We explain all of our advice in easy to understand language as well as preparing a written report explaining the reasons behind our advice. There are a range of business structures available, some of the most common are:

Of course there are other options including a mix of several structures however we generally believe unless there is a reason for a complex structure it is best to keep things as simple as possible. When you are choosing a business structure the three key elements to look at are:

  • Simplicity of Operation (how easy or hard will the proposed structure be to operate)
  • Legal Protection (this can be more or less important depending on your personal circumstances and industry)
  • Tax Planning (again different structures have different tax planning benefits and downfalls, we really need to look at your individual circumstances)

Our Small Business Accountants work with business owners every day (both new and existing) to establish the right business structure for their business, please call the office on 1800 556 122 for more information or a confidential discussion of your needs or contact our a Small Business Accountant here
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