Cash Flow Forecast | Business Planning

Do you need help with preparing your cash flow forecasts and budgets?

Every business should have a cash flow forecast and budget of some sort, especially in the first few years of business. We can help, with a little bit of input from you we can prepare forecasts that are tailored to you and how you want to use them. If you already have some budgets and forecasts we can also review your original plans to check your business is still on track.

Why do a Cash Flow Forecast?

  • Often when applying for credit you will need up to date Cash flow Forecasts
  • Cash flow forecasts are a great way to monitor your business and make sure you are making a profit, not only from a true accounting point of view
  • Cash flow forecasts to keep an eye on how your business is going from a cash flow point of view
  • Cash flow and profit and loss forecasts to help make sure your business is on track

We can help you with all areas of business and cash flow forecasting as we prepare a business forecast on average once a week.

Often banks request cash flow forecasts when lending to business clients, we have a lot of experience in preparing forecasts and business plans for bank finance applications and can help give you with your application.

Please call the office on 1800 556 122 to make an appointment or contact our Tax Accountants here.

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