Franchise Advice

Modern Franchise Advice

Are you looking at buying a Franchise? Or perhaps you are thinking of Franchising your existing business to drive growth? We can help we work with a large number of Franchisees and Franchisors across a wide range of industries and understand the Franchise business model well.

So why come to us for Franchise Advice?

Our Accountants do a lot of work with business start-ups of all shapes and sizes across all industries and have seen businesses succeed and businesses fail, over time you get an understanding of what works and what doesn’t and this experience can be invaluable for you as a client when assessing which franchise to select and in the initial stages of getting your business up and running.

We have worked with a lot of new Franchisees and can proudly say that every single one of them is doing well, meeting or exceeding their goals and the vast majority now own more than one franchise. Remember that we are not associated with the Franchise Council of Australia or any franchisors so we have no hidden agenda or bias when assessing your business plans and will tell you if your franchise does not stack up. (We do have some franchisors as clients and would never represent both a franchisee and franchisor at the same time)

Why Get Franchise Advice?

When you are buying a franchise you are making a major life change, hopefully a positive one but when you are investing tens of thousands of dollars if not hundreds of thousands of dollars isn’t it worth getting some professional advice?

We can help you asses important terms of your franchise agreement like marketing levies, territories, pricing and business system models, business plans (both yours and those provided by franchisors) and other key terms of your agreement.

We are always happy to discuss your plans please call the office on 1800 556 122 or contact our specialist Accountants here.