Self Managed Super Accountants

Expert Financial Advice – Self-Managed Super Accountants

As well as offering a wide range of Accounting Services for businesses we also offer a dedicated Self-Managed Superannuation administration and accounting service. We provide a wide range of Self-Managed Superannuation services including:

  • Annual Financials and Tax return
  • Self-Managed Super Audit
  • Property lending for Self-Managed Super funds
  • Property Investment advice (both investment advice and ensuring your investment is legal under the Self Managed Superannuation laws)
  • Investment Advice
  • Working out if a Self-Managed Super Fund is right for you
  • Formulating your Self-Managed Super Investment Strategy
  • Advice on related party transactions
  • Related Party Lending

Why use our Self Managed Super Accountants?

At Small Business Works we approach every single SMSF individually ensuring you can invest the way you want and still meet the SMSF guidelines, we do not place restrictions on what, where or when you can invest or how often you can invest. Of course the ATO SMSF rules and regulations do still apply and we will explain these in detail to all new trustees, we do not presume that you understand how to administer your SMSF, that is our job.

All of our Self-Managed Super Accountants maintain their knowledge very regularly and we are real people, here on the end of the phone day in day out. Additionally all SMSFs are overseen by Alan Maddick one of the Partners at Small Business Works so you know that the person handling your super will still be here in the next time you have an enquiry (unlike in large corporate administrators where your account manager changes every six months!)

We also have a financial planning business that does a lot of work with self-managed super funds who can also assist with developing an investment strategy that works for you and your DIY fund. We think that it is essential to get financial advice for your fund from advisers who do a lot of work with self managed super funds

To give you some idea here is a cross section of our prices:

  • SMSF Set up including coprorate trustee, assistance with opening bank accountants and advising trustees of the obligations $2450 inc GST
  • Annual fund administration including tax returns, financials and audit $1750 – $2450 inc GST
  • Borrowing to buy, includes all deeds required, supplying all data required either to one of our specilist SMSF mortgage brokers or to a broker of your choise etc $2400 – $5000 inc GST

Self-Managed Super Audits

All Super Fund Audits are handled by external third party firms, having an external third party audit is very important and we consider it to be best practice. The cost for average size funds is normally around $500

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